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Tag: Noshings

From the French Kitchen- Lavender Truffles

When I worked at a chocolate shop in Boston, the number two question we would get, after “How do you work here and not eat everything?” was, “Which is your favorite?” And for me the answer was always the lavender truffle. I would always get […]

Dinner in Rabat

We arrived in Rabat, Morocco just in time for some gorgeous spring weather, in time to miss all that air pollution in Paris, and in time for dinner! We are staying in an apartment in a neighborhood on the South-Western side of the city which […]

A Tale of Two Cheesecakes

I first came across cheesecake here in France when we were in Nantes. We saw it on the menu at several restaurants (at one, specifically “Virginia cheesecake,” whether this means the State or a lady, I don’t know. Does Virginia have excellent cheesecake?), and it […]

December First

On the first day of December I decided we needed a little treat. In the form of chocolate. Preferably melted and hot chocolate. I just finished a month of French classes that I squeezed in between the trip to London and journeying back to the […]

A foggy day in London town

I read that it’s actually a myth that London is rainier than other places- in reality it is roughly as rainy as most other European cities, with only slightly more days of rain (110 per year) and actually less total inches per year (24 inches) […]

The crêpe

You would have to be crazy to visit France and not eat a crêpe or seven. France does crêpes well and we, the people of the world, respond by eating those crêpes. Until this trip, I didn’t know that crêpes in France originated in Brittany, […]

More moules more problems

Just the other day I wrote about “mainstay institutions” and how they can sometimes rest on their laurels. Just a few hours after that post, we went off to have moules frites (mussels and fries) at a restaurant that seemed to get decent reviews, Aux […]

Berthillon Glacier

When I began researching, prior to coming last year, where to go and what to do in Paris, there were certain names and places that kept coming up. Among them was Berthillon, a glacier, or ice cream and sorbet maker with a store on Île Saint-Louis. […]