Along for the ride, but with a better view.


If the espadrille fits…

On our first day in Madrid, we left our rented apartment, turned a corner and came upon a long line of people snaking out of a building. I’m always curious about lines that form, and what is so worth waiting for, but during the day, […]

A foggy day in London town

I read that it’s actually a myth that London is rainier than other places- in reality it is roughly as rainy as most other European cities, with only slightly more days of rain (110 per year) and actually less total inches per year (24 inches) […]

Let there be lighthouse

I have only one regret about the month we spent in Nantes, and that is that we didn’t get a chance to make a second trip to the seashore. Nantes, although very nautical in feeling and surrounded by rivers, is actually an hour by train […]


A vertical garden on a storefront in Nantes, complete with iconic “Soldes” sign (twice yearly sales occurring in June and July) We are spending a week and a half in Nantes, in the Loire River Valley on the Western coast of France. There is a […]

In the (green) Sidecar

If you have been following the old blog, thanks! And thanks for meeting me here. It’s a bit easier to find with the new domain name, it looks a little different, and truthfully all the old posts are just a teensy bit wonky with the […]


It is a good thing that I learned the Arabic word for “overcrowdedness” last week, because boy is it ever out there. Today is Eid al-Fitr, the holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan, and it seems the population of Tetouan has tripled and everyone is […]


Have I told you that the apartment in which Guillaume and I are staying is shabby-chic? And by chic I mean it is charming in its own little ways, with colorful tiles on the floor, and a washing machine (hallelujah!), and by shabby I mean […]

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Just some camels on the beach, no big deal. First quarter moon falling behind the mosque This is cheese in its most elemental form. I call it “Just Cheese!” my homage to Jack from Will & Grace. This is made with cow’s milk, although goat […]

An Afternoon Above it All

In the hills above the city of Tetouan, dotted with sheep and houses, there is a restaurant. I don’t know the name; it probably doesn’t have one. There are some plastic chairs and tables underneath a roof made of poles. There is a stunning view […]

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Sometimes you’re in Paris and you get a sore throat. And then you wake up and have a fever and are aching all over. From some combination of jet lag, the change in weather and the time spent in the germ incubator that is the […]