Along for the ride, but with a better view.


In the Hot Air Balloon

Well. I don’t even know where to start. It’s been more than a year since last I wrote, and so much has happened, but I didn’t tell you about it because the wanderings were playground related and not museums or historical sites, the sitings were […]

You can’t take it with you

During my time in the US, besides enjoying spending time with family and friends, I also took advantage of some things that I don’t have access to in Paris. I wrote about the more food related things in this earlier post, but for the most […]

Souvenirs and Gifts from Paris (that won’t break the bank)

Knowing that I was going back to the US for the holidays, and that I would be seeing almost my entire family during that time, I began to think about some gifts that I could bring back with me. Gifts that could serve as a […]

A New Year

To cite “I’ve been busy” as the reason that I haven’t posted in a while wouldn’t be particularly accurate. The truth is that when you don’t have to go anywhere and don’t have to do anything, it’s probably more realistically called leisure. But the holidays always feel […]

Fall back

This morning we woke up before the alarm went off, which hardly ever happens, and then noticed that the clock on the oven and the clock on the wall were different from our phones and computers. It took a few minutes and a few sips […]

Learning French on Marlborough Street

This past fall I took French classes at the French Cultural Institute, part of the Alliance Française. With the knowledge that I would be living in Paris in less than a years time, I knew that I needed to get serious, and the strangely organized Rosetta Stone […]

Tips From Your Friendly Neighborhood Shopgirl

For most of the time I’ve lived in Boston, about two years, I’ve worked at a shop that sells artisanal chocolates from around the world. For a time, this was exactly as fun as it sounds- I got to be surrounded by a luscious chocolate […]

I learned some Arabic, and this lesson.

I’ve been in Morocco now for two months, and as the time to leave approaches, the things that are pleasant intensify in sweetness; they take on a certain necessary quality. The luscious peaches, the Za Za, a smoothie of various fruits and sometimes avocado or […]

30 days and 30 nights

The waxing crescent moon comes into view Ramadan began a little more than three weeks ago, with the boom of a cannon indicating the exact moment. There was much speculation of precisely when it would begin, being regulated by that most fickle of characters, the […]


At this point in my studies of the Arabic language, a week in, I know the alphabet: how to write and read the letters and what sounds they make. I can read words, although I feel like a kid again slowly sounding out the letters […]