Ancient and Modern

The plaza in Rabat that holds both the Tour Hassan and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V is a salute to Morocco old and new and contains many icons of the country:colorful tiles set in neutral stone, ornate carving, gold lanterns, fountains, large Moroccan flags fluttering in a sea breeze and palm trees. The tower was built in 1195 by the Almohads and was intended to be the tallest mosque minaret in the world. Construction was abandoned, however, and it stands now at 145 feet tall. After an earthquake in 1755, all that remains of the mosque itself are the pillars, visible in the photographs below. The mausoleum next door where the current King’s father, grandfather and uncle are laid to rest, was designed by a Vietnamese architect and finished in 1961. It is adjoined by a mosque, built at the same time.