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Month: August 2013

The little things

You don’t forget the Taj Mahal. The soaring symmetry, the smooth, creamy stones that glow in the morning light, the calm peace of the parrot-filled gardens after the jumble of noise, smells and people that is India; the majesty, plain and simple. It’s an awe-inspiring, […]

Let there be lighthouse

I have only one regret about the month we spent in Nantes, and that is that we didn’t get a chance to make a second trip to the seashore. Nantes, although very nautical in feeling and surrounded by rivers, is actually an hour by train […]

the old uncles

Nantes, France is about as packed full of churches as you would expect a thousand-year-old city to be. There seems to be one around every corner, including out the window of our rental apartment. They rest their ancient bones around the corner from a café, […]

More moules more problems

Just the other day I wrote about “mainstay institutions” and how they can sometimes rest on their laurels. Just a few hours after that post, we went off to have moules frites (mussels and fries) at a restaurant that seemed to get decent reviews, Aux […]