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Month: July 2013

Where the wild (machines) are

So far the most unique thing we’ve seen, in a very unique city, is Les Machines de l’île, or “Machines of the Island”. Taking inspiration from Jules Verne, who was born in Nantes, Leonardo DaVinci, and the shipbuilding history of the city, the machinists at Machine […]


A vertical garden on a storefront in Nantes, complete with iconic “Soldes” sign (twice yearly sales occurring in June and July) We are spending a week and a half in Nantes, in the Loire River Valley on the Western coast of France. There is a […]

Americans in Paris

Luxembourg Gardens It is tourist season in Paris, ya’ll. The other day we were walking through the areas around Louvre-Rivoli, Bastille and Notre Dame looking for a few shops I had heard about. Working my way through the winding streets, even with a map and […]

Berthillon Glacier

When I began researching, prior to coming last year, where to go and what to do in Paris, there were certain names and places that kept coming up. Among them was Berthillon, a glacier, or ice cream and sorbet maker with a store on Île Saint-Louis. […]

In the (green) Sidecar

If you have been following the old blog, thanks! And thanks for meeting me here. It’s a bit easier to find with the new domain name, it looks a little different, and truthfully all the old posts are just a teensy bit wonky with the […]

Week One Postcard

Our first week in Paris was spent with me stuck finishing a writing project inside, and rainstorm after rainstorm outside. The temperature didn’t go above 60 degrees fahrenheit, and when it wasn’t raining the sky was filled with ominous clouds. This is the view outside the […]