Along for the ride, but with a better view.

Month: August 2012

birds singing in the sycamore tree

I’ve been in Paris now for three blue-skied, breezy days and I have been enjoying food because my vacation is over tomorrow, and I am going back to Boston, which I don’t care what anyone tells you, has very lame food. I’ve been eating things […]

I learned some Arabic, and this lesson.

I’ve been in Morocco now for two months, and as the time to leave approaches, the things that are pleasant intensify in sweetness; they take on a certain necessary quality. The luscious peaches, the Za Za, a smoothie of various fruits and sometimes avocado or […]


It is a good thing that I learned the Arabic word for “overcrowdedness” last week, because boy is it ever out there. Today is Eid al-Fitr, the holiday celebrating the end of Ramadan, and it seems the population of Tetouan has tripled and everyone is […]

30 days and 30 nights

The waxing crescent moon comes into view Ramadan began a little more than three weeks ago, with the boom of a cannon indicating the exact moment. There was much speculation of precisely when it would begin, being regulated by that most fickle of characters, the […]

Souk, I am your father

The Sunday street market in Vincennes, France Union Square farmer’s market in NYC, one of my favorites Like any good urban hippy, to me the word “market” connotes rows of jewel-toned, organic produce arranged in picturesque piles, galvanized buckets of freshly cut flowers, tote bags […]


Have I told you that the apartment in which Guillaume and I are staying is shabby-chic? And by chic I mean it is charming in its own little ways, with colorful tiles on the floor, and a washing machine (hallelujah!), and by shabby I mean […]